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Jan Kyster

Result: P7 - 2:31.085 behind P1

Best lap time: 8:19.641 (L5)

Qualified: Q14 - 8:35.686 - 41.105 sec behind Q1

Stig Jørgensen

Result: DNF - Retired on L5

Best lap time: 8:11.923 (L3)

Qualified: Q9 - 8:12.844 - 18.263 sec behind Q1

Jan Kyster regains P7 on L5 after Peter Christiansen in the Pumpkin Racing Ferrari looses it on the first corner in Brünnchen
On the entry to Hatzenbach Stig Jørgensen rises to P5 as he passes the Eagle-Weslake of Ragnvald Joensen. Alas, the Ferrari retires later due to a horrendous crash after Pflanzgarten.

Per Einarsson

Result: P8 - 2:11.888 behind P1

Best lap time: 8:41.297 (L4)

Qualified: Q4 - 8:26.306 - 8.000 sec behind Q1

Søren Bærholm

Result: P14 - 5:42.057 behind P1

Best lap time: 9:04.774 (L4)

Qualified: Q13 - 9:04.813 - 46.507 sec behind Q1

Per Einarsson flies past Erik Karlberg at Antoniusbuche, while the Lotus is regaining speed after severe engine-trouble
On the opening lap Søren Bærholm held P7 until the exit from Adenauer Forst, and is here seen with a Flat-racing Lotus right behind.