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Jan Kyster

Result: P4 - 1:12.120 behind P1

Best lap time: 1:34.157 (L13)

Qualified: Q7 - 1:34.178 - 2.446 sec behind Q1

Stig Jørgensen

Result: P8 - 1 lap behind P1

Best lap time: 1:34.716 (L27)

Qualified: Q10 - 1:34.779 - 3.047 sec behind Q1

Jan Kyster braking for Druids after having passed Steen Toudal at Paddock Hill bend, thus taking P3 on L6
Stig Jørgensen eases past the spinning Peter Christiansen in the Pumpkin Racing entered Ferrari after a long exciting duel

Gert Sterner

Result: P8 - 3 laps behind P1

Best lap time: 1:39.727 (L9)

Qualified: Q14 - 1:45.289 - 10.789 sec behind Q1

Søren Bærholm

Result: P9 - 4 laps behind P1

Best lap time: 1:39.310 (L26)

Qualified: Q13 - 1:39.261 - 4.761 sec behind Q1

Per Einarsson

Result: DNF - Disconnected

Best lap time: 1:37.097 (L10)

Qualified: Q5 - 1:36.293 - 1.793 sec behind Q1

Gert Sterner waits in car #10 while Søren Bærholm executes a fatal somersault after hitting another car after the blind Dingle Bell brow
Per Einarsson tries in vain to hold Erik Karlberg behind the Ferrari for a couple of laps. Both cars retired suddenly later.