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HMS - Historisk Motorsport - Test day

12. april 2008

Historic Racing Star-driver Jørgen Klitholm is back in the yellow Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider. After a full year of absence the Århus-based driver decided to enter the car once again. The first venue is, as always, the spring testday at the FDM test ground near Roskilde.

Klitholm had to rise early for the 400 km drive across the country. Søren Bærholm came over from Odense with Gert Sterner and Claus Larsen, while Per Einarsson and Anton Norup came from Copenhagen.

The car performed well. During the winter it was prepared at Alfaspecialisten in Esbjerg, and the instrumentation had been sorted - well, almost. The water temperature guage didn't work and in combination with a faulty cooling fan, this resulted in severe over-heating, and a premature departure for Klitholm.

But the engine sang well and the car ran good and fast. Very promising for the up-comming season.

ITR participants:

Jørgen Klitholm - Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider
Best lap time - 0:48.04

Per Einarsson - Team manager

Søren Bærholm - Pit crew

Gert Sterner - Pit crew

Anton Norup - Pit crew

Claus Larsen - Pit crew

Fastest lap of the day - ???

Rendevouz at Claus Larsen's in Langeskov. Søren Bærholm has taken one of his Audis and Larsen joins him with Gert Sterner for the drive across Denmark Arrived at FDM Test Grounds, Bærholm surveys the area and is dispointed once again: No Audis in the paddock. ITR will have to enter an Audi racer one day.
Klitholm arrives too late for the driver briefing and the team has to unload the racer right away. The new Land-Rover towcar did a good job and looked real neat The new engine is now running on it's third year. It still develops a strong pull and it has a nice note to it as well
The HMS scrutineer makes a note about a minor detail in the boot holding the safety petrol tank The engine is checked as well. No comments were made
The Spider has recieved reinforced headlight fairing mounts. They are rather expensive and Klitholm wouldn't want to loose them in an accident The newly refurbished interior of the Spider has returned to original configuration. Herluf Jensen has built a new center concole for the secondary instruments
A dismantled Formula racer is prepared for burn-in testing This very nice sports car will be entered in Special Saloon racing. It went very nice indeed.
David and Goliath in historic racing side-by-side in the paddock. Ford Falcon Sprint and tiny Ginetta G5 Claus Møller (who won over Anton Norup in SCSC simracing last winter) prepares his beautiful Reynard formula racer
A little smart Lola sports car is prepared under the tarpaulin in the paddock 1965-class historic racer Frank Holm, who used to race against Claus Larsen in Clubrace 3, fuels his red Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 ti
Yes, finally at it again! Jørgen Klitholm rushes down the main straight past the spectators Ear-splitting sound from CanAm Lola racer with a huge Chaparal V8
The 1965 class is well visited this year. As always this calls for crowded racing Prins Joachim in the immaculatly prepared Lotus Cortina
Clubrace 3 has a new entry this year. Enthusiasts from the danish Fiat Cinquecento Fun Club is entereing a hot Fiat Seicento Aggresive car with an aggresive sund and an aggresive behavior. That's how TVRs goes
Ebbe Mortensen must once again this year compete without ITR-man Claus Larsen who is still out of racing. The Orange Alfa Sprint stays home this season Crowded pass-way from the track to the paddocks
Jørgen Klitholm comes in early from the second stint due to over-heating Søren Bærholm redirects power to the faulty cooling-fan but the engine has developed a mysterious noise and testing is halted for the day
Gert Sterner and Søren Bærholm hauls the racer onto the trailer Last pitstop in Copenhagen with Anton Norup for some race DVD and pizza
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