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Advan Cup

10. june 2007

The two ITR Alfa Romeo 156 racers participated with convincing succes in both heats of the third Advancup venue of the 2007 season. The cars needed some preparation after the scrubbing at Sturup raceway, but the mech-team managed to get both cars ready for the first race on saturday. Mitch Fischermann came in with some wobbling, fearing a transmission breakdown; but it turned out to be an out-of-shape rear wheel - a matter easily fixed by substitution.

The competition (mostly Peugeots) strugglede in the summer heat and several cars came in with broken engines. Not the Alfas though. Despite lack of power the cars behaved fine, and everybody was satisfied after a weekend of racing.

TEAM ITR participants:

Torben Aalykke - Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 TS
Race 1: P19 (0:41.89 after P1)
Race 2: P19 (0:21.88 after P1)
Best lap time 1:22.80

Lars Mitch Fischermann - Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 TS
Race 1: P23 (0:51.56 after P1)
Race 2: P22 (0:37.14 after P1)
Best lap time 1:24.31

Per Einarsson - CdtC - Spectator
Søren Bærholm - CEOET -Spectator
Claus Larsen
- Stardriver Clubrace - Spectator
Jørgen Klitholm
- Stardriver Historic - Spectator

Torben Aalykke prepares for the second race on sunday A Suzuki Swift driving competitor visits the ITR paddock and chats with Mitch Fischermann
Cars #54 and #55 are being prepared for the second race while the drivers relax in the shadows The ITR garage was facing the main drive through the huge paddock area
Mitch's car needed some serious repairs after the Sturup outing a fortnight ago Søren (left) has worked for Torben Aalykke before and he brings with his brother-inlaw Thomas
The 2-litre of Mitch Fischermann on display for the many passers-by in the paddock Torben Aalykke had the car well prepared and it looked stunning with new sponsor stickers
The cars rolls out for final linieup in the pit-lane Mitch Fischermann torpedoes down the main straight in front of a Peugeot 307
In close formation Claus Sørensen manages to follow the ITR Alfa but had to let go later The driving suit of Torben Aalykke dries in the warm air after hard driving
Claus Sørensen visits the ITR pits and follows the mechanics in their pursuit of errors