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Advan Cup

27. may 2007

Sturup Raceway is quite close to the homes of ITR star-drivers Torben Aalykke and Mitch Fischermann; the tight racetrack lies just across the water from Copenhagen.

Mitch Fishermann had some trouble due to a collision with female driver Louise Laursen in the Peugeot 206 GTI, but he managed to finish both races. Torben Aalykke drove with the usual determination and scored a very impressive P18 in the second race on sunday.

TEAM ITR participants:

Torben Aalykke - Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 TS
Race 1: P24 (0:27.24 after P1)
Race 2: P18 (0:32.11 after P1)
Best lap time 1:13.92

Lars Mitch Fischermann - Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 TS
Race 1: P26 (0:35.59 after P1)
Race 2: P23 (0:46.30 after P1)
Best lap time 1:15.23

Mitch Fishermann in good style negotiating a wide sweeper in front of a VW Golf Team Womans World Pug in front of a Ford Fiesta in the 1600cc class
One of the very competitive Peugeot 206 GTIs A pug in entering the pitlane after a practice stint
The Suzuki Swifts are very agile due to the short wheelbase A BMW 120 in front of a Peugeot 307
Yet another french racer The race is on and everybody is struggling for positions