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Advan Cup

6. may 2007

Two Alfa Romeo 156 were entered by Scuderia Into The Red for the opening Advan cup race at Jyllandsringen. The drivers, Torben Aaalykke and Mitch Fishermann, managed to place their debutant cars P21 and P23 in the first race and more close at P21 and P22 in the second race.

Torben Aalykke - Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 TS
Race 1: P21
Race 2: P21
Best lap time 1:23.42

Lars Mitch Fischermann - Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 TS
Race 1: P23
Race 2: P22
Best lap time 1:23.63

Per Einarsson - CdtC - Spectator
Gert Sterner
- CEOAE - Spectator
Søren Bærholm
- CEOET -Spectator
Claus Larsen
- Stardriver Clubrace - Spectator
Jørgen Klitholm
- Stardriver Historic - Spectator
Christian Toftgaard
- Spectator

The cars are prepared in the ITR pits Claus Larsen, star-driver in Clubrace, and the CEOs rally at the ITR workshop for the drive
Torben Aalykke explains abuot the fabulous machine to Søren Bærholm while Claus wishes he could drive Gert Sterner gets inside information from Mitch Fishermann during preparations for the second race
Team ITR visits "The RED team" paddock and checks out the dormant Alfa Romeo 147 Bærholm, Fischermann, Larsen, Einarsson (capo), Aalykke and Sterner in the ITR pits
The Alfa 147 engine is similar to the 156 2-litre, but might have more power - we don't know yet TRT driver Claus Sørensen explains how his car is not running due to clutch trouble
Torben Aalykke brakes hard for the horseshoe entry bend in the fast #54 car Aiming for the main straight on full throttle
Zooming down past the pits fighting for the best position for the difficult T1 Torben Aalykke outpaces another car down the straight in the red Alfa Romeo 156
Mitch in car #55 brakes after the fast back stretch and turns in for the horseshoe combination The beautiful Alfa Romeo takes a high-speed bend in good style
Good roadholding secures Mitch Fischermann a splendid debut placing in front of tough opposition A little Suzuki Swift tries to streamline the Alfa Romeo in a tight duel
Torben Aalykke mid-field on the opening lap of race 2 The huge crowd saw some exciting racing and cheered whenever the red italian cars passed the grandstands
Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 TS (#54) driver Torben Aalykke Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 TS (#55) driver Mitch Fishermann