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24. september 2006

Claus Larsen arrived in Sweden late saturday evening after a day of final tune-up back in his garage. This was to be the last race of the 2006 season, and three drivers could end up as number one in the CR3 class. It never was more exciting.

Although the ITR star-driver had dominated the whole season, two more Alfa Romeo drivers could still overcome Larsen in the championship ranks: Reigning champion Ebbe Mortensen in the very reliable Alfa 33 and newcomer Frank Holm in his Alfasud would have to rely on Claus Larsen crashing out or otherwise collecting zero point. But - concidering last years amazing finale - who could be certain?!.

It all ended well for the ITR-man as the orange Alfa Sprint went as a charm and Ebbe Mortensen suffered a collapsed front suspension strut during heat 1 while Frank Holm never really posed any threat and even had an off-track excursion during heat 1 as well - without damaging the car, though.

So Claus Larsen is 2006 HMS CR3 champion. Congratulations!

ITR participants:

Claus Larsen - Alfa Romeo Spint 1.7 (1986)
Best lap time 1:16.377 (2. practice pass)

Per Einarsson - Pit crew

Claus Larsen's Alfa 155 tow-car emerges with the racer from the ITR garages in Malmö The orange Alfa Sprint is being readied for the first practice stint in the morning sun
Ebbe Mortensen negotiating the difficult Tändstiften bend-over-a-hill Frank Holm in the Tricolori Italia-liveried Alfasud
The ITR Alfa Sprint shooting out under the Dunlop bridge speeding towards turn 1 Ebbe Mortensen at full speed
A crowded fighting ground immediatly after the start of the first heat Winner of both heats in CR3 was Bjørn Spure in the fast Toyota MR2
Close fighting between Ebbe Mortensen and Claus Larsen Dorthe Ulrich competed in her newly purchased Alfa Romeo 33 16V in the CR2 class
Ebbe Mortensen arriving back in the paddock on the back of the sweep-truck The damage stopped further participation for the 2005 champion - a sheared Macpherson strut
Frank Holm overdoes the braking for Turn 1 and is forced into the sand trap - but rejoins the race Jens Rasmussen was very competitive in his Morris Mini and was figthing fiercely all day
Another newcomer for the last race of the season was Tommy Dam Kieffer in his CR2 Alfa Romeo 33 16V The races at Ring Knutstorp are always attended by a lot of locals who get some action for absolutely free
Mads Gravlund is back in Historic racing with his immaculately prepared Alfa Romeo 2000 GTAm replica The car represents a world-class best in Alfa Nord-engine tuning and reliability
The participating Detomaso Pantera was only threatened by Thomas Jensen in the turboed Civic An awesome car in an equally awesome paddock - 92 cars participated
One of a whole bunch of excellently sounding Porsche 911 racers - this one being the most beautiful The sound of the Suffenhäuser flat-sixes were augmented by very professional air-intake tuning
Two tough competitors in the small-displacement Historic racing class - Abarth Fiat vs. Honda Heisselberg in the very fast BMW 2002 cuts inside an Alpine while lapping it before the main straight
Bent Lishmann crashed his highly tuned Alfa GTV Twin cam severely but emerged without injuries Brian Stoltze is back in his brutal Ford Mustang - but it developed an oil leak during the day
This elegant Ford Falcon Sprint is driven by a female driver - and very efficiently so Fighting with a beautiful Jaguar XK120 - awesome sounds emminating
In the second heat Claus Larsen relaxed, as his championship now was secured Dorthe Ulrich used all available tarmac
Tough competition Frank Holm consults his chief mechanic in the paddock
Claus Larsen's elegant Alfa Spint crawls over the Tändstiften sweeper with a VW Golf on his tail The very italian Alfasud of Frank Holm made a good impression - he has performed well during 2006
Claus Larsen (left) recieves applause and smiles while securely placed as champion in the series