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Abarth Klub Danmark - Open trackday

13. may 2006

Historic Series Star-driver (HSSD) Jørgen Klitholm was quick to arrange participation in a Fiat Abarth trackday at Sturup Raceway.

Into The Red Motor Racing sent a large contingency of Executive Officers to support Klitholm.

The Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 had been resting at the tuning works of Christian Knudsen on Sealand, and Jørgen Klitholm collected the racer en route from Risskov before meeting with Capo di tutti Capi Per Einarsson and Chief Executive Officer of Beautiful Design (CEOBD) Simon Nielsen.

Chief Executive Officer of Extreme Engineering (CEOEE) Steffen Madsen had finished the tuning of the boss' Bertone GT and rode with Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Equipment (CEOAE) Gert Sterner in the superb italic icon.

They drove by way of Langeskov to collect World Series Star-driver (WSSD) Claus Larsen who brought his Alfa Romeo Sprint clubracer for the sunday race. The caravan picked up Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Analysis (CEOAA) Anton Norup.

ITR participants:

Jørgen Klitholm - Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider

Best lap time - ???

Fastest lap of the day - ???

Jørgen Klitholm arrives in the paddock with his stylish train of Alfa Romeo cars The Capo tries his newly rebuilt Alfa Bertone GT and squeels the tires a bit in the paddock
Gert Sterner prapares the alfa Spider for some exciting video footage for the ITR video The team relaxes in downtown Malmö before returning to the racetrack
Briefing of the crowd of drivers with many different kinds of cars from all over Denmark The technical commity is evaluating the input from the star-driver upon return to the paddock
Two Lotus Espits participated Mini Coopers are always present at trackdays
A swedish bertone GT One of several Fiat Abarths
The CEOEE examines the brutal engine of the ITR spider Coming out of the last turn before the main straight the spider hugs the tarmac and accelerates