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Special Saloon Car Festival - HMS

27. may 2006

While the majority of the team was away on a trip to the Nürburgring Jørgen Klitholm joined the commotion at Ring Djursland for the first round in the Historic Motorsport 1966-1971 race series.

The event saw a lot of crashes and a few cars were written of.

Jørgen Klitholm placed himself solidly in the points table although he did not finish race #2 after ending up in the armco.

But most important: The car (and especialy the engine) held this time. And this time it was for real.

ITR participants:

Jørgen Klitholm - Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider

Best lap time - 1:02.980 (during qualifying)

Fastest lap of the day - 0:54.747 (Peter Ager, Detomaso Pantera; 1971-1976 Class)

The Spider - now with round number roundels - on the way down to "the Woods" During the first race about to be lapped by Tommy Kjehr in an alfa GTAm
The yellow Spider leading Claus Noreen in the lemon GTAm which later crashed heavily While pushing for a good time in the sheets the car went into the gravel and collected quite a handful