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14. may 2006

Claus Larsen took first place in the ClubRace ranks after two rounds raced at Sturup Raceway.

After scoring a precautious P11 in the first heat he stormed forward in the secong heat and beat main competitor Ebbe Mortensen after recieving dents in the dense traffic on the twisted circuit.

The team is very satisfied and everybody is looking forward to the next races at Padborg Park in June.

ITR participants:

Claus Larsen - Alfa Romeo Sprint 1.7

Best lap time - 1:18.435 (during heat 2)

Race result heat 1: P11 (3 up from Q14)

Race result heat 2: P10 (4 up from Q14)

Fastest lap of the day - 1:09.870 - Steffen Sylvest, Alfa Romeo 33 1.7 QV

Claus Larsen exits the last turn on full throttle and aims down the main straight Main competitor Ebbe Mortensen wins the first heat but looses the second heat to ITR-man Claus Larsen
Chief mechanic Steffen Madsen helps one of the competitors with tuning the carbs on a Fiat Uno The Orange Sprint rigged with Gert Sterner's DVCAM making spectacular shots for the ITR video
CR3 new-comer Frank Holm showed some real good speed in his very italian Alfasud racer Crowded hairpin on the opening lap of heat two, where Claus Larsen got a major dent in the right door
Claus Larsen is congratulated by the Team Manager Per Einarsson after taking the trophy And as always: Overall winner is Steffen Sylvest in the awesome Alfa Romeo 33 1.7 QV