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HMS - Historisk Motorsport - Test day

22. april 2006

More than 50 cars turned up for the test-day in HMS held at the simple but spacious track at Roskilde KTI.

Into The Red Motor Racing grabbed the chance and met around Jørgen Klitholm and his yellow TC71 Alfa Romeo Spider. He and Claus Larsen arrived via Funen from Jutland for the 9 O'clock scrutineering, and Jørgen went directly onto the track for the first stint of the day.

The car hadn't really been tested, which resulted in a major oil-leak because the oil filler-cap came loose! And only to make things worse the breather-hose popped off during the second stint, and before the day was over the car was hauled onto the trailer with a damaged engine bearing - not due to a lack of oil, though!

So now the car is up for rapairs. But still - it's better to find out during testing than on a raceday.

ITR participants:

Jørgen Klitholm - Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider

Best lap time - ???

Fastest lap of the day - ???

The team in front of the seriously fast Alfa Spider: Jørgen Klitholm, Anton Norup, Simon Nielsen, Per Einarsson and Claus Larsen.
The Spider is readied for the 2nd stint, while Simon Nielsen applies the ITR logo Waiting for access to the track. On the left in red jacket is engine tuner Christian Knudsen
Appearence is everything - but nobody is attending to the engine ... Two Clubrace cars from the same class as ITR-man Claus Larsen (Alfa Romeo Sprint)
A new entry in the Clubrace class is Henrik Valantin in an Alfa Romeo 75 TS Thoroughbred Clubrace car. Alfasuds are very purposeful track cars with a little trimming
Make way for the King. Jørgen Klitholm passes a Ford Escort on the inside in the Lucas Corner A very popular choice and a simple car to prepare for clubracing
Bent Lishmann helps out in the paddock. His own car ran (almost) without problem The Alfa Romeo GTV TS of Bent Lishmann. A very sophisticated Clubracer
Claus Noreen is asking how the Spider is running. He also has an Christian Knudsen-tuned engine Claus Noreen fields an Alfa Romeo GT Veloce in the Club Race series
Jørgen Klitholm re-connects the breather-hose while Simon Nielsen videotapes the work Mads Gravlund is back in his well-known Alfa Romeo GTAm. Former champion absent for years
Tommy Kjehr will get more opposition this year in his GTAm, especially from Gravlund Anton Norup and Per Einarsson evaluates the day while admiring Klitholms stylish train of cars
Waiting behind a Ford Capri V6 in the paddock Volvo P1800 and Mini Cooper
A mixed field of cars from the combined TC71/TC76 class. The Porsche 911s are always fast The beautiful weather attracted a lot of people and the ambience was really spectacular
Mini Cooper and Honda S800 Some of the BMW 2002 are back after a year of absence
Per Einarsson applies ITR logoes onto the windshields of the two Alfa 166s The team manager and Jørgen Klitholm drives similar cars - now with ITR logo