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3-4. september 2005

After a tremendous weekend at the Classic Car Meeting at Ring Djursland, where Claus Larsen shaved an amazing 3.5 seconds of his personal laptime record, it was time for the Clubrace grid to drive at Sturup in southern Sweden.

It was the first ever visit to this newly enlarged and very professional racetrack, and all participants had to get the grips with the virgin tarmac.

Claus Larsen has fought all season (and the last few years, indeed) with Ebbe Mortensen, who drives an Alfa Romeo 33 SL in the same class as the ITR driver. This year Ebbe Mortensen has been well ahead in spite of Claus Larsen's improvements to engine and brakes. But after Ring Djursland this has ended, as the Orange Alfa Romeo Sprint has had a major change built into the underpinnings.

It is rather simple, really: Slightly softer spings in the front and substantially harder springs in the back.

Claus Larsen drove two splendid races on sunday after arriving on friday night and practicing all saturday. He finished almost half a lap ahead of Ebbe Mortensen (and Morris Mini driver Jens Rasmussen) +0:32.2 in heat 2 and 9 seconds ahead in the first heat.

ITR participants:

Claus Larsen - Alfa Romeo Sprint 1.7 (1984)

Best lap time 1:18.432

(Fastest lap of the day: 1:05.386 - Reynard SF83 Formula racer)

Claus Larsen and his main competitor Ebbe Mortensen in the paddock between races The Sprint racer at the pinnacle of it's racing life ... so far.
Starting heat 1 on sunday And heat 2 which went extremely well
The orange Sprint is only just lapped (by a CR 1 car) in the second heat Ebbe Mortensen in the Alfa 33 SL brakes for a tight turn