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ASK - Copenhagen Automobile Sport Club - Club Race and Trackday

25. september 2005

The Automobile Club of Copenhagen (ASK) invited the HMS Clubrace and pre-1976 classes for a day of racing at the swedish Ring Knutstorp track. And at the same event it was possible to try the circuit in road-cars at a very well organised trackday.

Team Into The Red went with five road-cars and entered Claus Larsen in his orange Alfa Romeo Sprint.

Claus Larsen thought that the championship would be his regardless of what happened, all he needed to do was finish in both heats. But this turned out to be a bit more difficult than expected!

During first practice in the morning, he almost lost a wheel in turn 1. It was evaluated that the wheel bolts were not tightened well enough. One bolt had to be omitted because the thread was damaged in the wheel hub.

But then in heat 1 the left wheel came off big time and the orange racer crashed out on one of the final laps after spectacular fighting with a CR2 VW Golf. Nill points for the ITR entry and top dollar for Ebbe Mortensen in the rivalling Alfa 33. And, as it turned out, in the final race of the season this gives maximum points even though only two CR3 racers participated.

Scuderia ITR 'sure thing' was suddently a vanished opportunity and Ebbe Mortensen ran away with the championship title.

But everybody had a fabolous day and it was very rewarding to be able to show up and race all the splendid cars.

ITR participants CLUBRACE:

Claus Larsen - Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint 1.7

Best lap time - 1:16.641 (race)

Fastest lap of the day - 1:08.798 - Porsche 911

ITR participants TRACKDAY (two chicanes on the straights):

Anton Norup - Fiat Punto 75

Best lap time - 1:38.667 (speed trap: 75.5 km/h)

Gert Sterner - Alfa Romeo 33 1.7 16V

Best lap time - 1:28.590 (speed trap: 84.1 km/h)

Per Einarsson - Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce

Best lap time - 1:28.467 (speed trap: 81.4 km/h)

Simon Nielsen - Alfa Romeo Spider T.Spark

Best lap time - 1:34.265 (speed trap: 79.1 km/h)

Søren Bærholm - Audi 100 2.3

Best lap time - 1:31.459 (speed trap: 81.5 km/h)

Fastest lap of the day - 1:18.829 - Nissan Sunny GT Turbo

The team from Funen and our favourite pit babe, Lillian, meet at Claus' in the morning Meanwhile in Sweden, the Malmö members prepare their cars
Anton Norup inspects the new front suspension on Claus Larsen's Clubracer Simon Nielsen prepares his red Spider while the cars are lined up in the paddock
Into The Red pit-crew attends to Claus Larsen's racer Absolutely necessary: Petrol is poured into the tank
Gerts Sterner's trackday racer is a very aggresive machine. Pure purpose! Just before appex 2 in Turn 1, Gert Sterner points the Alfa 33 16V for another acceleration
The team manager negotiates the esses before the main straight On the outside cerb of turn 1
Anton Norup's Fiat Punto handled much more predictable after a suspension repair The brake pads from the Punto were really worn out
The 'silver arrow' Søren Bærholm's Audi 100 cools off after another stint The tires were scrubbed thoroughly
The orange Sprint in turn 1 durong practice Did not finish. Crashed out with a lost left front wheel
The Alfa Spider is ready for action Simon Nielsen takes turn 1 with the top down
Claus Larsen is fitting gaffer tape to keep the bodywork steady for the home-trip Ebbe Mortensen get first place after the orange Sprint crashed out
Who, me ... worry? Per Einarsson's helmet-cam gives very realistic action videos as-seen from the driver's seat
The beautiful machines and the helmets Home bound in the swedish autumn evening