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Historisk Motor Sport - Club Race

18-19 june 2005

The Automobile Club of Copenhagen (ASK) invited all classes of the HMS championships for a day of racing at the swedish Ring Knutstorp track.

Team Into The Red entered Claus Larsen in his orange Alfa Romeo Sprint 1.7, which had been given uprated front suspension, but also at the same time had been detuned in order to stay within the new horsepower/weight range of the CR3 class.

CR3 has been revived for the 2005 season, but unfortunatly only two contestants has signed for the series, so the races are driven with the other classes (CR1 and CR2) in joint heats.

Claus Larsen suffered a shunt as the newly installed front suspension lost a ball-joint bolt mid-race in the second heat.

The laptime was expected to be somewhat higher compared to last year (1:18.273) because of the detuning of the engine. However, the new outboard 33 16V brakes should enable Claus Larsen to brake later and with more confidence. So it was a bit disapointing to see the laptimes increase by almost a second, especially as other similar cars had improved their laptimes.

Nevertheless, in spite of the shunt and everything, both driver and team manager were very satisfied and a lot of new lessons were learned.

ITR participants:

Claus Larsen - Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint 1.7

Best lap time - 1:19.186 (practice) - 1:18.958 (race)

Fastest lap of the day - 1:07.674 - Stuart-Taylor/Yamaha (Lotus 7 replica)

Friday night. The team manager welcomes driver and car in the paddock. Saturday morning. The team arrives in the team managers blue Bertone GT.
Open blue sky for the drivers briefing in the early morning. Claus Larsen discussing the day with fellow drivers in the Club Race (CR) classes
Two orange Alfa Romeo racers in the paddock Lining up the starting grid for the first combined CR 1-2-3 race on sunday
Alfa Romeo Giulia of Herluf Jensen prepared for racing in the HMS pre-65 class Lineup of the CR 1-2-3 racers in qualifying order
The Sprint leaked petrol after returning from a practice stint. It was quickly tilted and sealed. Jørgen Klitholm of team Cuore Sportivo has approached ITR for future membership.
The right front wing was bent as the suspension lost the main bolt in the ball-joint While being pulled onto the recovery truck the front wing recieved additional damage.