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8. may 2004

Since the Alfa Romeo Alfasud Spint of Claus Larsen has joined the famous scuderia "Into The Red", preparation for the first race in the HMS Club Race series has been anticipated with greater and greater anxiousness. So now, when it was actually time, everybody had to be present.

The Orange Milanese macchina has been trapped between classification rules over the past few years, and is quite under-powered for the CR2-class in which it now competes. With the present weight it could have about an extra 20-25 bhp without breaking the power/weight restrictions.

The lack of horsepower has however forced Claus Larsen to exploit the road-holding of the excelent Alfasud underpinnings to a maximum and the only real disadvantage of the design seems to be the inboard front discs, which are prone to overheat and loose friction far to easily.

The brakes had to be bled for air between every stint - practice, qualification or race - but even though the fault was located to a puncture of a plastic joint on one of the calipers, Claus Larsen is opting for a replacement brake-system from an Alfa 33 with all-round discs - outboard and ventilated in the front.

On friday the team stayed in Malmö with member Simon Nielsen in his new apartment, after we enjoyed a nice evening in the downtown night life at Lille Torget; Nice!

On race day, saturday, only Anton, Gert, Søren and Per came along with Claus, but the support was still a hundred percent, and regardless of the afore mentioned technical problems, car #41 managed to finish both heats and stole away a couple of placements at both outings.

Excellent job, Claus.

ITR participants:

Claus Larsen - Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint 1.7 (1984)

Ring Knutstorp is situated in a beautiful valley in Söderåsen "the southern ridge" and is used for both track days and racing
The racer is ready for action Alfas and an Audi before the trip to Sweden
In the morning, at the rendevouz with Claus Larsen. The racer is ready for the trip Part of the crew in front of Simon's and Søren's cars. Simon, Per, Søren and Anton
The team boss is assessing the engine preparation with Simon in the background Claus is trying his best to describe the braking capability of his racer
During practice on friday the fields were mixed. Here Claus is trying to outrun a pair of Porsches
The Orange Alfasud Sprint on the banked corner just before T-last
On the grandstand at T1. Søren looks on, Anton is photographing while Per and Simon talks
A nice spot with a nice view of the track from Tändstiften to the start-finish line
Wish you were here. Wish we had some wheels!
Anton Norup. Is he contemplating how to lay out the track for GPL?
A light-weight Jaguar E-type sprinting down the main straight in the Historic class
Car #41 accelerating out of Turn 1 during the race
The eventual winners of the Historic class; a GT-350 Mustang in front of a Corvette Sting Ray
A Porsche 356, lightened and tweaked just like in the old days
The Into The Red-entered Alfasud Sprint at speed. Here seen aiming down the main straight at full throttle. The crew salutes the star driver after a walk-and-talk on the entire 2 km of tarmac
Gert Sterner in action with his new super-camera The Racer is prepared for the home-journey