Harry's laptimer for iPhone
Trying out a cheap alternative laptimer

CEO for Advanced Technology Gert Sterner announced some time back that he had purchased a new and exciting App for his iPhone: 'Harry's Laptimer'. But nobody in the team paid much attention, just because the Scuderia ITR tech-buff had bought himself yet another gizmo.

Preparing the Alfa Romeo Giulia GT for next tackday includes prepping it with laptiming, G-force recording and video overlays.
But this one should have stirred up everybodys minds even back then, when it wasn't that advanced. It is indeed a very complete laptiming and G-force logging application; and it even combines video overlay features. Just perfect for ITR trackdays!

Back in August 2005 ITR-man Anton Norup developed his own GPS-logger, and implemented it succesfully in his Fiat Punto S; that's 6 years ago! But now Gert Sterner has tested the iPhone App in his Alfa Romeo 145Q and ITR-boss Per Einarsson has installed a similar setup in his Alfa Romeo Giulia GT.

Watch the video. It's good stuff. Can hardly wait until the next trackday.