Thoroughbred at Daytona
ITR star-driver rated #25 in world series Grand Am simracing

After revisiting Lime Rock and Watkins Glen for respectively a P4 and a P10, ITR simracing star-driver Michael Ryhl recorded a P11 at Road America and a P6 at Laguna Seca. Both of the latter tracks were firsts for Scuderia Into The Red with the Pontiac V8 powered Riley sports racer.

Michael Ryhl is lapped by one of four entries from Swedish Sim Racers who dominated the Daytona race and occupied the first three positions in the end
After the latest race at Daytona Michael Ryhl is rated #25 in the series overall. This puts him firmly over other Danes such as Jan Magnussen (#27 in the real-life series), Ronnie Bremer and Martin Jensen. This was celebrated at the recent Aquila sponsor party in the Maranello headquarters.

'I hope to keep the 25th slot in the ranking, but I fear that a few of my closest competitors have a real chance at scoring more than me', said the experienced iRacing driver after the Daytona race. He started from a
Q8 on the grid among very fast drivers, but Mitsuru Dokai offered some very close fighting, while he tried to outbrake Michael Ryhl during the first half hour of the race. Unfortunately the japanese crashed into a tire-wall and damaged his car beyond repair.
Mitsuru Dokai chasing the ITR racer through the infield bends in his blue Intel-sponsored car. It all ended in pain when the japanese crashed after 40 minutes
The race was over 2 hours 24 minutes, and eventually the Aquila-decorated ITR car had to pit after approximately an hour of racing, where Michael Ryhl forgot all about the pit-limiter button and had to do a stop-and-go the following lap. 'That meant that all my competitors had lapped me, and I was left with trundeling home for one and a half hour, maintaining my P7 ... which is very good'.

Very good, indeed! Everybody at the headquarters are exeptionally pleased.
Italian Ivan Basso overtakes the ITR car and regains P6. He started on pole, but had to pit for repairs after greasing a wall. This left Michael Ryhl at P7 where he stayed while Marco Arcidiacono also crashed his car
Michael Ryhl told the press that he wished he could get an Aquila CR1 instead of the american Riley-Pontiac. We can see why in this video clip from Spa Francorchamps.