Man and machine
Seat of your pants relationship with your car

You know that special feeling when you are in a car that just pulls clean and mean. A car that oversteers just a little bit, but you can control without any sweat?

That's what the Alfa Romeo Giulia GT of team manager Per Einarsson has been turned into. It has happened gradually over a couple of years, and the guy who did it is CEO for Advanced Engineering Steffen Madsen.

2008 on the Nürburgring. That's when the magic started: The ballance went just right and the power delivery and traction matched the roadholding and handling.
"I spent most of the summer so far on Toyo 888s", said the team manager, "and Sparco tube-frame FIA seats, but getting back to the Porsche buckets and Pirelli P7s has changed the car back to what it's really all about: Handling".

The wonderful feeling of man-and-machine on a nice summer evening.

You can't beat it!