Audi strikes again
Going to France for Audi Sport 10th outright victory

Having our own Audi petrol-head in the team obliges us to participate in the efforts of Audi Sport at the annual Le Mans 24 hours endurance race. But we haven't had the opportunity to go yet ... until this year.

Last year Audi-owner Søren Bærholm took the Audi 200 20-valver and joined Alfisto and team manager Per Einarsson for the Classic Le Mans, but this time it was the real thing, and the two ITR-members were joined by Gert Sterner and Claus Larsen.

The story told (clockwise from top left): The spartan accomodations near the track, fabulous Aston Martin 2-liter turbocharged non-finisher, pretty girl in pretty car at pre-race parade in downtown Le Mans, eventual winner was sole remaining Audi
After lossing one car an hour into the race and another one hour before midnight the Audi Sport team went fast and cautious with the #2 car and secured a 10th outright victory ecclipsing Scuderia Ferrari - only Prosche has more wins (an amazing 16 outright wins)
It was a first for all four Redders, and it was quite exhausting for the old chaps. The transportation took place via the team manager's Alfa Romeo Mito (1.3 liter diesel) and it stood up to the challenge surprisingly well. "I am really impressed with the red bug", said Søren Bærholm. "It ran without a single hiccup".

Experiencing Le Mans for real will give us a better insight for next year - in front of the TV screen. After all; we are lazy bastards.