Toyo 888s for Nürburgers
Getting ready for an Easter dash to the south

The team manager Per Einarsson returned to the Scuderia Works after a fortnight of preparations of the blue Alfa Romeo Giulia GT, and Gert Sterner had fitted Toyo 888s on some old lightweight rims in the meantime. The Giulia GT had been shod with Toyo 888s as well, and the two cars were presented at a press conferrence at Audi Zentrum Mitte Fünen, where also Søren Bærholm and Claus Larsen were present.

The two cars hugging the asphalt with their sticky rubber outside AZMF
Sterner and Einarsson will be joined by simracer Kristoffer Nielsen for the Easter Nürburgring trip. Nielsen may rent a suitable car for some 'Ringing himself, but otherwise it will just serve as an introduction to the otherwise very skilled simracer.

Kristoffer Nielsen was also present at the 100th trackday celebration last year and he has made the life difficult for several ITR simracers in his online career.
Clockwise from top left: Sterners Tar-Ox brake setup was checked; the Toyos were fitted by experts Søren Bærholm, Claus Larsen and the owner himself; the Giulia has had the Sparco seats refitted; new modified steel rims for the Giulia GT Toyos.