Destination Nürburgring
Two fast Alfa Romeos tries the full lap North Loop

For the first time in the glorious history of Scuderia Into The Red the drivers got the opportunity to run full speed down the 2 km Döttinger Höhe.

Capo di tutti Capi, Per Einarsson, and CEO for Advanced Equipment, Gert Sterner, stumbled on the british Destination Nürburgring trackday and were invited to join for a very reasonable price of €100 for a full hour of circulating. Yes, please.

The two cars in fast convoyturning perfectly in for a right-hander in the spring-green hell
The two ITR aces were joined by simracer Kristoffer Nielsen for this Easter Nürburgring trip. If he had brought a crash helmet he could have participated in the trackday laps, but he had to stay back at the paddock, where he filmed the charge down Döttinger Höhe and also got a first-hand impression of what to anticipate later.
The Toyo triple-8 tires of Per Einarsson's Alfa Romeo Giulia GT shows too much wear in the middle, indicating too high pressure. It is a science to adjust pressures for R-spec tires, and it will take more outings to get it just right.
Nevertheless, Kristoffer Nielsen was quite overwhelmed at the actual humps and bumps and twists and bends in the tiny Alfa Romeo Giulia GT, when he later that day got to be a passenger for real.

'Especially the Breidsheid-Exmühle combination got me snapping for breath, but also Fuchsröhre', said the excited simracer. Obviously, the filming-the-carpet experience is really something ... 'I will have to go again and rent a Suzuki at Rent4ring, yeehahr'.

Lots of filming and photo shooting and heaps of vids and photos from all the fence photographers from this day! It was Easter Friday, a very special day in Nürburgring folklore, so everybody was out with their cameras.

An absolutely wonderful experience.