Thinking about doing something
Team meets for Formula 1 premiere at Longwood Garages

It has been some years now since Star-driver Claus Larsen last raced his Alfa Romeo Sprint; five years to be more precise. The garages in Longwood has been modernised since and forms a pleasant venue for the Scuderia's 2011 Formula 1 celebrations.

(Clockwise from main) Claus Larsen peeks at the collection of silverware; he and Søren Bærholm scrutinize the racer in a corner of the garage; the orange stormer in action at Sturup Raceway during the 2006 season.
Capo di tutti capi Per Einarsson disassembled a wall in his garage in order to get the 1972 Alfa Romeo Giulia GT out of hibernation and drove across the country to meet for the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix. The Cars are being prepared for at least one Nürburgring outing, and it was confirmed that the Scuderia will travel to the 24 heures du Mans in June. The big question is: How many cars will be going - and will the round-trip include some Alpine passes?
The team enjoys the dawning spring in Longwood (left) and drives in convoy to the Scuderia Workshops (right) where Claus Olesen's Alfa Romeo 156 and Per Einarsson's Alfa Romeo Giulia GT are up for the annual springtime prep from Steffen Madsen.