In pursuit of action
Season full of promises - Italy, France and Germany

Twenty-eleven will very probably be the year when the famous scuderia goes to see the 24 hours race of Le Mans. We expect Søren Bærholm to be welcomed by Dr. Ullrich in the Audi pits; they will have quite a few things to talk about when they kick the tires on our team Audi 200 20-valver.

But first up is the glamorous Mille Miglia in the north of Italy. Capo di tutti capi, team manager Per Einarsson, will take his Alfa Romeo Giulia GT across the alps with an entourage of fellow alfisti. And hopefully the ITR team members will also come.

A sad story is how it has developed in Germany after the stupid 'Ringwerk' at the Nürburgring has gone bust. Everything seems to be either on hold - or prices have skyrocketed. The Scuderia Hanseat 3-day driving class have gone to 160% attendance fee, and we expect the touring tickets to increase as well.

But they
won't keep us away - we will be there at least once this year.