I go racing
ITR fields newly acquired Riley Daytona prototype

A year ago Michael Ryhl got his A-license in iRacing and moved on in the very realistic world of simracing offered by this latest-generation physics engine.

It's not a game, and it's quite expensive to participate. And most important: There's a real enthusiastic community, where you get penalised for bad driving and wrecking your car is almost as serious as if it was your real wheels.

Michael Ryhl carves another corner in the low prototype.
Graduating from Skip Barber's Racing School in Formula Mazda, Michael Ryhl leveled out at a 37th place in the 197-participants league in spring this year.

He was racing against such greats as Michael Andersen of former ITR fame (back when we ran the Cooper-Maserati in GPL) and now the preparation is for next week's race at Daytona. Last week the Mazda Miata MX-5 was entered at a race at Brands Hatch in England, but no footing has emerged from that event.
A video presentation of the Riley Daytona Prototypes and a nice view of iRacing
The protoypes in real life at Virginia International Raceway
The Skip Barber Mazda-powered racers at Virginia International Raceway