Bella Italia in poor weather
Famous Scuderia turns up to celebrate Italian cars

Despite rain and chilly weather five team members rallied in Nyborg for the annual Bella Italia meeting. It was a rather poor show-up from the various owner's clubs, but the enthusiasts that did show up had a great time.

Team Manager Per Einarsson used the opportunity to seek approval for the newly aquired Alfa Romeo Mito. Simon Nielsen, who had to leave the green Mazda 626 outside the venue and Gert Sterner tested the car and found it very good indeed.

Clubrace star-driver Claus Larsen showed up in his Alfa Romeo 146 and the whole team drove back to Odense for some beer and video headed by Gert Sterner's black Alfa Romeo 145Q.

Michael Ryhl was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Holistic Motoring, a title he has earned because of his ability to elegantly fit behind any steering wheel reallife or simrace with presence and reverence for the culture of racing.
The ITR experts assess the features and properties of one very nice Alfa Romeo Spider

This might very well be the last outing for the Scuderia this year, unless the planned Nürburgring journey is going to happen. Hope it will.