Two-timers trying hard
Audi and Alfa Romeo almost did it

En route to Le Mans Classic the ITR pack went by the Nürburgring for a few laps before going to France. Søren Bærholm stretched his Audi 200 all-wheeler and led Per Einarsson in the pixi Alfa Romeo Bertone GT and tried his best to get a decent BTG in.

The luggage had to be left behind in the parking lot where Simon Nielsen stayed to look after the heavy dead-weight, and the to racers went for a double-stint.

The first lap was nice and easy. 'We need to establish the mood of the track and the condition of the cars', said the team manager. 'It's always a bit uncomfortable to go out on the first lap; I genuinely do not like it'.

But the second lap saw both cars flying. Or rather, the Audi was flying and the Alfa tried to keep up.

But no record lap this time; at Pflanzgarten a Seat had overturned and all was chaotic.

Bærholm was flying for a 9:40 BTG though. So, next time !!