Happy go lucky
Audi 200 babtized with lucky Alfa Romeo drivers looking on

This trip almost ended in agony! The otherwise very experienced ITR drivers Per Einarsson (Alfa Romeo Bertone GT) and Gert Sterner (Alfa Romeo 145Q) should by all rights have ended up with their cars burried in the armco. Only driver to behave sensibly was Søren Bærholm, who finally got the Audi 200 20V tested for real.

Per Einarsson was confused and shunted in the very fast Pflanzgarten section when an otherworldly aggresive M3-driver forced him off after the first jump. Luckily the car didn't roll over despite going sideways in the gravel pit.

Gert Sterner drove several laps with a front tyre on the verge of bursting. Only after the last high-pace lap did he realize it while investigating the 'strange vibration' at the workshop of rent4ring in Adenau.

Lucky bunch, then!

The pace was high in general - nothing new there; except Søren Bærholm mingled with his newly finished Audi and performed on a par with the Alfa Guys. The Audi drew a lot of attention amongst the Germans; they know their breed, and this car is special.

The lap times were modest - mostly. This was mainly due to yellow flags from a lot of accidents but also because the track was altered around Hohenrain, where the traffic was routed through the 'old pit lane'.

So we survived. And we and are ready for more action - in due time!