Beauty of another world
ITR star-driver buys classy road car

Alfa Romeo Spider race-driver Jørgen Klitholm returned home from a Stockholm business trip with a new car for the ITR Scuderia: A nice little Alfa Giulia GT coupe.

'The quality is a wee obscure, and the car doesn't quite mimick the understated power of the team manager's Bertone GT, but the car's got presence; and I love the colour. It's called Pino Verde! Isn't that wonderful!', glows a happy Klitholm.

Like a piece of art. Everybody who sees the little italian is set back in time and recognizes the evocative lines.
The proud owner plans an extensive work-over of the car. This should make it an interesting addition to the classics parade in ITR, alongside Per Einarsson's Alfa and Steffen Madsen's Fiat, and an exciting entrant at trackdays.

The cars comes readily tuned and set up for fun driving, so it's just up to a quick repair of little details such as reversing and reg plate lights, before the car is ready for the next 2009 Nürburgring trackday.