Four big wheels
Audi 200 Quattro 20V back in shape

After returning from a half-cock Nürburgring journey, Audiman Søren Bærholm immediately turned his full attention to the seized turbocharger. Thanks to his own skills and methodology, more than the cooperativeness of the overhaulers at TurboDK, the car is now back in shape. And what a shape!

Test drive, clockwise from top; The car sits proud on the 19 inch rims; owner Bærholm checks engine mid-trip; commander on bridge amongst instruments
'The faillure was definately caused by a mis-assembled turbo-unit', says an otherwise relieved Bærholm. 'An O-ring snapped and the 100.000+ rpm shaft grinded itself to a halt; that explains the missing puff, but now I am confident in the machine again'.

Bærholm and photo-shooter Gert Sterner took the blue torpedo on an evening test-drive, for the final assessment of repair quality. And the car passed the tough scrutiny of the expert Audi-Ingenieur; ticking all the boxes.

Also a first out for the classy 19" alloys, nice indeed!