Back in black
Famous black Alfa Romeo dies and is resurrected

Gert Sterner has by far been the most unlucky trackdayer in the 5 year ITR era. None other has damaged more engines and brakes in the team ... well maybe apart from Jørgen Klitholm in the yellow Alfa Romeo Spider; but that is racing!

A few weeks ago the otherwise very strong Alfa Romeo 145Q suddenly emitted strange noises while aiming down the main straigth at Ring Knutstorp in Sweden.

The black 145 is closely escorted by the red 146 of Claus Larsen
Sterner took the experience with calmness, and planned the conveying of the wounded black warrior amidst many kind suggestions from fellow petrolheads at the swedish Alfa Romeo trackday.

We can now proudly (and relieved) reveal that the car has recieved a heart-transplant. It now has a new 2.0 litre Twinspark engine, and now sits back home with Gert Sterner waiting the next travel-and-race weekend ... Next up is the mighty North Loop!