Yellow fever rediscovered
ITR-member had almost forgotten fantastic car

One of the most evocative cars in the Redder's fleet of street racers is without a doubt Steffen Madsen's yellow Fiat 128 Coupé Speciale. It has spent quite a couple of years as a high-strung screamer, but now the owner contemplates a tune-down.

Steffen Madsen took the car out for a spin and photo shoot. The tiny Turinese car has been turned into a true Sports Coupé and it runs and sounds like heaven!
'It's very dificult to drive with the torque-band so high in the revs', said Steffen Madsen at the christmas-time year-planner. 'Even if I loose a few horsepower and move the torque down, it's still very potent and fun. And the suspension needs a twist to the loose side ... I want to keep my kidneys'.

Well, now the car has been taken out for real, and Madsen is besmitten with yellow fever. And who wouldn't be! Last time out in anger under the Scuderia banner was Ring Knutstorp three years ago.

We miss the yellow bugger ...