Crunchy Box kein qwatsch!
Bertone GT crashes clutch and gear box

While part of the trackday crew visited the Nürburgring, the blue Alfa Romeo Bertone GT of Per Einarsson was serviced back at the Maranello Workshop. During running-in the clutch gave way and disintegrated while Steffen Madsen was warming the engine up on a short drive.

Removal of the drivetrain revealed other defects; such as a crunched gearbox and a rumbling propshaft. Now the car is awaiting spareparts for the gearbox repair and the propshaft has recieved new X-joints - this time with integrated grease niples.

The car is expected to run exeptionally well when returned to the Team Boss. Hopefully in time for the next trackday!?

The Alfa Romeo Bertone GT on the lift in the Scuderia Workshop
The first ball bearing on the main gear axle has loosened and ruined the teeth
The clutch removed from the transmission in parts - a sorrow sight
The propeller shaft dismantled and retrofitted with new uni-joints - greasable