Smoky finale
Danish simrace championship brought to an abrupt end

At an impressive #42 in the 169-strong field of elite simracers Anton Norup ended the 2009 DRL simracing league with a bang - and some expensive smoke.

The boldly liveried Alfa Romeo 156 S2000 greased a protrusion in the armco during the final heat whilst the ITR hero was holding P2. The result was a DNF because the car was slung into the barriers. Reason: The race was in Macau, where there is no forgiving such fatal errors.

With only two laps remaining Norup crashed out from a solid podium placing
The Alfa 156 followed in anger through the tight road-course
The first heat saw the famous redder rise from a Q15 on the grid to a very well-deserved P3. This meant that the second heat should have been a walk-over; but alas, it ended in grinding teeth and smoke.

The famous Scuderia Into The Red has completed yet another series in motor-racing, and as usual the driver competed in good style and with the expected gentlemanship.