Jubilee trackday in gocarts
100th trackday participation celebrated

The famous scuderia has been racing reallife and simracing since 2003. And over the six year span a full 99 entries could be counted; that is: We sent drivers ninety-nine times to trackdays somewhere in Europe.

So this, the next trackday, would be the centenary! Should it be a Nürburgring fête or a day at the races in southern Sweden? No, a gocart day was decided upon!

Three redders came in one of the Audis from Funen; Turboist, Søren Bærholm, Clubracer, Claus Larsen and Simrace Hero, Michael Ryhl. From Copenhagen came Alfisto Claus Olesen in his Alfa Romeo and Simrace Star-Driver, Anton Norup. All ascented on the home of Capo di tutti Capi, Per Einarsson.

Four races - each lasting 15 minutes
The remaining four redders where prevented from participation by natural causes such as the worldwide financial crisis and childbirth. The six show-ups endured four heats of each 15 minutes, adding up to a full hour of vigorous hurling of no-suspension rubberized metal frames with lots of vibration.

We had the pleasant company of two invitees from Gulf-Racing: Brian Jørgensen and Kristoffer Nielsen - with whom some redders have been fighting many a battle in simracing. Especially the smaller of the two dominated the races, but Claus Larsen and Søren Bærholm showed some nice racing as well.

Should there reveal itself another gocart chance, the redders will leap at it and go racing. No doubt about that. Huge fun.