Game ON
Ringers prepare for a new season of Nürburgring

2009 will be the year when we see both the Audi 200 20V of Søren Bærholm and the Alfa Romeo 166 3-litre of Per Einarsson on the Nürburgring North Loop. The game is on for the two 200+ bhp stormers. Now we will finally see if subtle suspension will outmaneouvre 4WD.

Søren Bærholm and the 5-cylinder 220 bhp 2,2 turbo-charged classic Audi engine.
Another classic engine; the screaming Alfa Romeo 3,0 naturally aspirated 24-valver
Maybe the right solution is a taut package with some sticky rubber?
Søren Bærholm has changed all vital parts in the power train and the car only needs a new set of wheels - but not for this trip. Choosing rims for 'the Blue Bullet' is going to take some deep thought. Per Einarsson has tightened the response of the Alfa 166 by replacing the underpinnings with a proper Koni/Eibach combination, tuned at the Scuderia works by Steffen Madsen.

But a surprising contender has joined the game. Gert Sterner has fitted R-tires on his very nimble and powerfull Alfa Romeo 145Q. Albeit some 60-70 bhp down on power, that might just be the recipe for a fast lap. The North Loop is not about power - not entirely anyway.

Can't wait to watch that game!