Certifiable simracing
The famous scuderia joins DASU National Championship

DASU, the danish subsidiary of FIA, has certified a simrace series as the official national Championship. It's run in the RACE07 sim, and Scuderia Into The Red has star-driver Anton Norup as a very determined contestant.

The inaugural race was at Ring Knutstorp and a full five servers were filled during pre-qualification; Norup ended up Q2 on the grid on his server after a somewhat disappointing 1:01.6 best lap-time. On top of that he was shunted in T1 on L1, and had to rejoin P22.

Exceptional driving pushed the green/white Alfa Romeo 156 to a very satisfying P4 by race's end. And the spectacle repeated itself for the second heat, where Anton Norup flew off-track and fought his way up from a resultant P19 to a final P6.

Caught in the sand-trap after the long start/finish straight, Anton Norup has to look on patiently while the whole field passes in close succesion
Hunting a loosely driven Seat Leon the ITR Alfa Romeo 156 drives up through the field in pursuit of a P4 and a P6 in the two inaugural heats