Terrible Scandinavia
Total failure at Anderstorp Raceway for ITR Fords

For the second time out in the newly acquired Ford Capri RS racers, ITR star-driver Anton Norup was shunted from an almost certain podium placing. The agitated driver said immediately after the race: 'I HAVE counted to ten, but I am still pissed off'.

Although a Q11 by no means was impressive, Norup was set for a stability-run at the swedish venue. 'Why did that stupid butthead Porsche have to rejoin with his head under the arm', shouted Bella Lago president Luca Brasi in the pits, while waving his arms and jumping up and down.

The Black Capri shadows a field of Porsche 906 Carreras while Michael Ryhl balances the white Capri alongside a Porsche 911 RSR
Anton Norup is shunted by a Porsche 911 RSR and is delegated to the rear of the race where the irradical car is near-to impossible to keep on straight course
Newcomer Michael Ryhl fared much better, all things considered. 'I managed to rise to a solid P9 during the tumultus first stages of the race - and i DID see Anton get shunted - and i ALSO saw him hang on a grass bump at the end', said the tired driver afterwards.

Right now we are looking forward to the next race in America. We have no experience with the Mid-Ohio racetrack. Who knows - maybe the fight will be more fair there!