Red in Black and White
Newly purchases Fords testet for real in France

Star-drivers Anton Norup and Michael Ryhl flew he red colours of ITR in brand new cars at the French Magny-Cours track. Team Into The Red now holds a solid 4th place in the Championship, after a tumultus race.

The black Ford Capri of Norup fell from Q3 on the grid to next-to-last after a pile-up in the hairpin. Says Norup: 'The system warped and I collided with Pelle Buchner's Capri and a number of other cars during the lag I experienced afterwards, but I managed to continue in a bent car'. Norup rose to P6 although he never clocked one single fast lap.

Michael Ryhl drove a similar Ford Capri with an inverted colour scheme. He started the race from P13, but utilized the commotion in the hairpin to advance 5 slots, a position he held until the car lost grip and spun out.

Clockwise from top: Norup leads the ITR duo; Ryhl races down the straight alongside a 911 RS; The Capris lead Porsche and Escort competition
The two Capris of Scuderia ITR raced for several laps in close company, until Ryhl let Norup by. 'I felt that Anton had a faster pace and my front-end grip was disappearing, so I let him pass', said Michael Ryhl afterwards. 'But I regained control and managed to hang onto the black car, but ended up P8 - I'm satisfied', smiles a happy Ryhl.

The ITR Capris have shown flown the Maranello flag - Forza!