Spectacular spectacular
High speed Alfa Romeo 145 Q races in the Netherlands


Gert Sterner was the only ITR member participating in the annual Spettacolo Sportivo held by the Dutch Alfa Romeo Owner's Club. The track is used a lot for MC races but is also very popular for car events.

As expected a lot of cars turned up to what must be the largest Alfa Romeo meeting in the world. Three brand new 8C Competiziones and four of the new Mitos turned up; both very beautiful cars, but nothing surpases the 8C for beauty. The Mito will do well, because it is so cute that it makes the Alfa 147 look old.

Sterner in the black Thunderbolt zips through a tight chicane
Supercar of the olden days meets supercar of the present day
Both saturday and sunday saw uninterupted track-driving, so the sound of accelerating cars was always accompanying everybody anywhere they went among the parked cars. Most owners had prepared their cars especially for the event and you could really feel a proudness for the marque. Alfa Romeo is no common car manufacturer.

'The track was all flat and looked a bit boring from the maps I saw before going', said Gert Sterner, 'but after actually driving it, I changed my opinion'. It is indeed flat, but also exciting and difficult. 'I drive fast and have to use all my experience and concentration to get the car balanced right for a chicane or a bend after a straight, and trying to brake late, makes it even harder'.