Swift Attack in Nürburg
Finally a swift car materializes for Norup


ITR simrace star-driver Anton Norup has had a plan for some time; he wanted to complete a swift attack on the monster known as 'the green hell'.

Fellow redders Gert Sterner (Alfa Romeo 145Q), Per Einarsson (Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce) and Søren Bærholm (who has a partly assembled Audi 200 20V ... at home) joined the valliant knight in his quest.

Finally at it - Norup enjoys the very controlable treats in the Suzuki Swift
'The car hasn't got quite the punch of last time's Golf GTI' said an amused Norup afterwards, 'But it is much easier to operate, because the back end is not as loose'.

Both Per Einarsson and Gert Sterner were told to disassemble camera installations - a pity because it meant that there are not footage from the noisy Bertone GT.