Spaaaah, feels good
two-car regiment visits Spa francorchamps


Gert Sterner and Per Einarsson agreed to take their trusty Alfa Romeos to the annual SpaItalia sportscar meeting for some out-and-out racing for road cars.

The venue is perfect; not many places invites to such speed and style as Spa Francorchamp and the Belgian organizers doesn't seem to bother that we 'step on it'.

Per Einarsson has arrived and goes to the paddock office for registration
Søren Bærholm and Anton Norup rode piggyback in the passenger seats and lived to tell about moments of both absolute terror and sheer pleasure. Simon Nielsen came by Spa in his Mazda 626 and joined the gang for a splendid meal at 'Clair & Obscure' but he wasn't allowed onto the venue in such a car ... obviously!