Tough simrace in Beer land
ITR simracing soldiers on in Belgian GTC race

Third round in the independant danish GTL league was fought at the flat Zolder race track. The team manager, Per Einarsson driving a Ferrari 275, gave in to fatigue during the 25-lap race, while both Anton Norup and Michael Ryhl finished in good style after running a fairly event-less fight.

The blue Cobra Daytona Coupe of Anton Norup roars in solitude down towards the pit entry on his way to a very satisfying P6
Michael Ryhl torpedoes the tiny Lotus Elan up past the pits in an attempt to catch one of the Lightweight E-types; he finished P8
Anton Norup now occupies a very impressive #4 at 45 points in the championship, while Michael Ryhl resides at #14 with 24 points. Per Einarsson has evolved backwards to a somewhat disappointing #18 with only 10 points in the charts.
Michael Ryhl enjoys a belgian Monestary beer from Leffe after the race