Shake that Volkswagen, baby
Exciting weekend at the Nürburgring


After encountering postponement due to snow, of all things, during the easter weekend, redders Anton Norup, Gert Sterner and team manager Per Einarsson finally got underways to Nürburg and there-abouts for a long weekend of trackdaying.

Norup had rented a race-prepared Suzuki Swift - or so he thought - while Sterner and Einarsson took their burned-in Alfa Romeos. The blue Bertone GT of the Capo di tutti Capi had gotten a 4-pot caliper racing brake upgrade - so everybody were ready.

It didn't quite go as planned ...

Formula 1 driver Jackie Stewart called it 'The Green Hell' - not without a reason! But the Nürburgring North Loop is breathtakingly beautiful in spring