South African spectacle
GT Legends move to Kyalami for some tough dicing

The second round in the 'Danish Independant GTL League' was fought at the marvelous Kyalami race track in South Africe. ITR star-driver Anton Norup showed a splendid performance by securing 3rd spot in his brutal Cobra Coupe. 'The setup was just right' said Norup, 'I have been fiddling with the brute, and it finally came right, I think'.

Anton Norup out-drags a Chevy Corvette racer
Per Einarsson is about to be shunted by a Cobra Coupe in the tight back section
The Team Manager Per Einarsson was the only Ferrari-entrant in the 17-car strong field, and as such had no chance among the american muscle cars. 'But I drove a very diciplined race, and it was huge fun to be back in the Republic', said an otherwise satisfied team boss after climbing out of the light-weight Maranello racer.

Michael Ryhl was attending a Bob Dylan concert - just as old-school as if he'd gone to South Africa in the John Player 1965 Lotus Elan.

Anton Norup is #5 in the championship at
30 points (9 points down on leader Claus Egelund) while Per Einarsson is #15 at 10 point and Michael Ryhl resides at #17 with 9 points.