All arms and elbows
ITR historic racer out of hibernation

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Jørgen Klitholm has had the beautiful yellow Alfa Romeo Spider hidden away in his garage while changing house in Århus last year. But this season he is back for some drama again. He was very much missed by the competition and showed good promise at the spring test day at FDM Test Ground near Roskilde.

Klitholm prepares the engine before the first stint; Landie towcar in the background
A contingent of five ITR members joined Klitholm in the paddocks. Despite arriving a bit late after the long drive, the team was able to sqeeze in two fast stints; and the car ran really nice.

But the engine developed a strange sound during the second stint. It wasn't discovered before some repairs had been made to a faulty cooling fan, but the car was then immediatly hauled onto the trailer and the team retired to Roskilde for some fast-food and an evaluation of the results.

Good results, it was agreed. So now it's once again time for some racing.