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Audi pressure-cooker nearing finish

Søren Bærholm is working hard to finish his Audi 200 20V Turbo Quattro bolide. 'I have collected parts from ebay over the winter' says Bærholm, 'and my garage is probably the best assorted Audi 200 stock in northern europe'.

Clockwise from top: Doktor Bærholm idles the engine in the evening light outside his garage; smiling after succesful firing-up of the reassembled engine; the 20-valve marvel; front has coolers aplenty
The prepping of the gray car will be done in two stints: First the mechanicals will be sorted and later the car will get a respray. 'Nothing too flashy', according to the owner. 'I prefer a subtle car, but it will go like a rocket - obviously'.

Maybe the car will be finished for some burning-in at the North Loop later this summer. That sure would be nice - and some spectacle to show off!