Some kind of homecoming
Scuderia ITR tries out Ring Djursland in road cars


For Anton Norup it was a very special treat to be able to drive on Ring Djursland in his Fiat Punto S. He has designed a simrace version of the twisting and undulating track for Grand Prix Legends, and this track has been converted to several other racesims afterwards.

Anton Norup smiles in the blue Fiat Punto while rushing through the paddock turn
But also Per Einarsson and Gert Sterner lept at the chance to try the famous track out for real. Søren Bærholm and Simon Nielsen came along for company, and the wonderful weather was used for some cosy post-race relaxation in downtown Århus.

The trackday was however aborted after only 20 minutes of driving, due to ridiculously low noise limitation levels. For some reasons the blow-out valves of the ever-present Subaru Imprezas quickly used up the allowed noise peaks.

But it was huge fun to at least try the track for real - no matter how short the trial was!