We're only here for the beer
Classic Alfa Romeo gets a thrashing in the Ardennes


Team Manager Per Einarsson decided to enter his 1972 Alfa Romeo Bertone GT for the annual Italian Sports Car Meeting at Spa Francorchamps months ago.

And then finally came june; when the ticket could be swapped for an hour of hot-lapping on the famous Grand Prix circuit.

Simon Nielsen and Søren Bærholm had long expressed a strong urge to taste some belgian monastery beer in the original surroundings, so they lept at the chance to take a week in the Ardenne mountains.

The belgian countryside is very beautiful in the summertime; the tranquillity of the rolling hills are in stark contrast to the hills of Spa Francorchamps; one of the most dangerous race tracks in the world; and most exciting at that ...
The Alfa Romeo was accompanied by Simon Nielsen's black Renault Clio, and the pair of them made a safe journey - with a single stop in Aachen for the fitting of a new LSD rear axle on the Alfa.

The Milanese buzzer had just emerged from the workshop of Steffen Madsen a week earlier - now with 155 bhp and a luscious new red leather interior.

Just right for an Italian Sports Car Meeting.