Summertime commotion
Extreme heat suits ITR Alfa Romeos at Jyllandringen


After almost getting into the points in just the second outing of the Advancup series (at Sturup Raceway) the famous scuderia ITR transporters took off for the third venue at Jyllandsringen.

The weather forecast promised extreme heat, and the drivers didn't know what to expect - would the summer commotion pose an advantage or would it just slow things down?

The beautiful cars had a frontline garage right on "Main Street" in the huge paddock
The cars are italian and the drivers are pure "sporting heart", so although lap times were a bit down since last month (hot air means bhp decrease), the handling was very satisfying and showed promise for the two races.

The machinery was utilised to the max, and Mitch Fischermann even managed to break a wheel during practice; but most impressing of all, Torben Aalykke once again drove very convincingly through the field in the first half of the races. So did Mitch, but his car lost more grip in the later part of the hot races.

Many of the Peugeot drivers were struck by seriously bad luck when their engines cooked and broke in the heat, and the other Alfa Romeo team (The RED Team) had some trouble with their all-new but still un-tried Alfa Romeo 147, and they didn't score well.

Let's hope for some future competition between the teams.