ITR Alfas in splendid wet race
Ups and downs for famous drivers in torrential rain at Padborg Park


The blood-red Alfa 156 Competizione digs itself into the gravel on T1. Game Over!
Star-driver Torben Aalykke held a splendid P11 in the second of two races when he was forced onto the escape-road in T1 while fighting with Ole Luton in the Ford Focus.

Said the excited ITR-man afterwards: "I was faster than him, but not enough to get past, and after three laps I simply had to take the chance". The maneouvre didn't pay off and Torben Aaalykke had to circulate through the pitlane. "I came out as 29th, but still managed to climb to P26 over the last three laps".

Tremendous job and a good example of the stern determination of the ITR drivers.

Mitch Fischermann had a very exciting weekend. He came out to the first race with a perfect setup and ran a beautiful race, but was suddenly shunted by a Peugeot 307 going sideways.

"Man, the bonnet grew a big hump and the Pug wnt off - and stayed off", reported Fischermann. But with usual vigor and driving skill the star-driver got the car back in competition and ended a fabulous P18.

For the second race ITR Alfa #55 overshot the very first corner and ploughed right into the heavy gravel leaving Mitch Fischermann out right from the beginning. He stepped out of the car and took a bow in front of the grandstands, for which he collected the biggest applause of the day.

Spectacular performance ... and meanwhile ITR Alfa #54 strode onto the very promising P11.